Robby Myrick Music

Robby writes as often as possible. He enjoys expressing his thoughts about family, the Arts, social concerns, and the new life that we all find through relationship with Jesus Christ.

Love God. Love people. Dream big.

Robby grew up in south Mississippi the son of a small town country Baptist preacher and his gospel singing wife.  Lonnie Myrick and Rosemary Holifield were beloved by thousands of family and friends from their little hometown of Laurel Mississippi.  Their legacies would live on through their boys and their incredibly talented families.

Everybody has a Story.  Everybody has a Song
(lyric excerpt “Love Came Down” – Lenny Leblanc, Lindell Cooley)

Lonnie battled addiction. As a small town preacher, he suffered humiliating failures in marriage and ministry. Everybody battles inner demons and many suffer without Hope.  Lonnie eventually found Hope and with the help of friends, counselors, and the power of LOVE, he found healing.

Rose moved on after the divorce. She courageously relocated to Birmingham,  restarted a career, found a new husband, and eventually retired from her life work in finance.  Rose is a survivor and a warrior. She LOVES loud and blesses her family and friends through music, hospitality, southern cooking.  And she fully enjoys her “Granny Rose life” with eight grandchildren … and, now her first great-grandchild Rosemary Jane!

So … back to Robby’s Story
By his teen years, Robby and his two younger brothers Danny and Jeffrey had joined the family band touring the Gulf Coast, making LP vinyl records, promoting local gospel concerts, tent revivals and church conferences, and chasing big dreams from the sleepy little town of Pascagoula.

Sheryl grew up in Williamsburg VA the youngest of three beautiful daughters born to Gene and Sarah “Jo” (Jolene) Dinwiddie.  By her teen years, Sheryl, Pamme, and Lynne had relocated with their parents to Pascagoula MS where Gene built his independent insurance agency and Jo lived out her legacy as matriarch of the home.

Gene’s life and legacy as “Papa Gene” would prove to revolutionize the family’s emotional wellbeing and stability.  Jo’s legacy as “Nana” would change the lives of her children, their children, and her great-grandchildren … and their Story lives on today.

Robby and Sheryl married in their early 20s and began building their little family.  Robby’s natural gifts and talents were put to work in local churches for more than 30 years leading music ministries, youth ministries, and family discipleship ministries.  It was a fun, wild, adventuresome, and sometimes crazy mixed up ride!  Sheryl’s love for children and family led her to more than 25 years of experience in private and public education as a teacher and eventually as a counselor to young women across the Coast.  Her legacy of love and courage has influenced thousands and she is beloved by her family and friends!

The life of church ministry is hard, fulfilling, sometimes devastating, and yet — it has produced for Robby and Sheryl eternally impactful life lessons.

The 2000s brought two decades of heartbreaking events and disappointments which would rock the family’s world as they knew it.

Hurricane Katrina.
Church drama.
Church hurt.
Business failure.
Financial crisis.
Long term illness.
Caregiving for dying parents.
Relocation and re-starting careers.
Therapists and Counselors.

Through it all, Robby and Sheryl learned to breathe, to take the next step, and to choose LOVE.

Love wins. Love will find a Way. It’s ALL about LOVE.

Today the family enjoys life, work, and play in and around Birmingham and Nashville.  Robby works in the healthcare industry, Sheryl works in finance and banking, and they treasure their time with their adult children Blaire, Jess, Christian, Breanna, Cameron; new grandbaby Rosemary Jane;  and the fur-babies — Rudy the 8 yr old Maltese and Francesca the 2 yr old Hound.




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