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So — we have been Netflix binging this summer.  Sheryl and I found several movies we loved from 10-20 years ago, and several unknown titles as well.  Our newfound binge favorite, by far, is Ron Howard’s incredible series Parenthood, themed around a Berkley, California based family who deal with a range of real life issues.…
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I am reading Pastor Scott Saul’s recently published book, “From Weakness To Strength”. Scott speaks to a place in my heart that is riddled with personal doubts, memories of failure, moments of grief and tragedy, and an overall sense of frustration with ‘life in ministry’. As I power through 2018 with all the stuff of…
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Jana Maples Myrick Aust went Home … to Jesus, her Mama, and other loved ones in Heaven … early Tuesday morning.  She was one of the most beautiful people in this world.  And she shone brightly throughout her incredible lifetime here which ended way too soon.  Much before any of us would have expected. Let…
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New Seasons

  Seasons change.  Customs change.  Inspired ideas create new tools and resources, which create new habits and practices.  As humans, we say all the time, “I don’t like change”, yet we adapt ever so quickly. At Robby Myrick Music and RMM Productions, we are moving through another season of change.  God has graciously allowed us…
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The Art Of Parenting

We are thrilled to recommend Family Life’s teaching series called The Art Of Parenting.   Click the title for more info!

Anger and Power

Anger is a powerful emotion.  Much good can come of appropriately harnessed and focused anger. I get angry within my spirit when I observe senseless acts of violence towards others.  I get angry when I hear and see wars between nations and people groups.  I get angry when a loved one or friend is treated…
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Christmas 2017

… is past.  Well, in the Myrick house — it lingers for at least another week!  (( thanks to Super Elf Sheryl )) 2017 has been yet another challenging year of change, transitions, the gnawing emotions of grieving and recovering, and … the beauty of remembering. Again this year, we remember our sweet Lynne, Nana…
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During my quiet time this week, the Holy Spirit urged me to think about Peace. The Bible has much to say about peace.  Humanity longs for it.  Yet, peace seems so out of reach, so unattainable, such a futile effort, given the fallen and depraved nature of our world. So, how do we actually experience…
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Bringing Gospel Back

Friday, November 17, 2017 … First Baptist Church Gautier MS I approached the lead mic, “Good evening, my name is Robby Myrick. Welcome to Thanksgiving Gospel Sing where we are #BringingGospelBack!” And the crowd erupted with applause and cheers of “Amen”, “That’s right!” So that’s how the evening began. From there, it only became more…
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Dedicated or set apart for the service or worship of a deity; devoted exclusively to one service or use; worthy of religious veneration; entitled to reverence or respect; of or relating to religion;  not secular or profane; archaic;  highly valued and important. – Merriam Webster Dictionary A quick reference to words and their definitions gives…
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