Blaire and Jess

THREE YEARS AGO …  we gathered outside Nashville at one of the most beautiful hillside farms I’ve ever seen and celebrated the marriage of our baby girl Blaire and her beautiful partner Jess.  Together, Blaire and Jess, and their incredible network of friends and beloveds, are making their mark on the world.  They LOVE and LIVE very boldly, very tenaciously, very emphatically, and very simply … for the Cause of LOVE.

I have observed the courage and integrity of these two beauties over the past several years as they have bonded, married, and launched into their dream-filled hope-inspired lives together.  Blaire jumped directly into her professional nursing career this year after graduating Nursing School at Belmont University.  Jess has worked tenaciously in food services with the most eclectic and amazing coffee shops and pubs around Nashville and is preparing for her next adventure with Ballymaloe Cookery School in Shangarry, Ireland.  WHAT??!!  How amazing is that!

To say that I’m a proud Dad does not even begin to express the joy that leaps in my heart as I watch these two brave women boldly blaze their own individual trails and all at the same time, they are setting an incredible standard together for the everlasting causes of love, mission, and mercy.

As religious and political debates in America increase, especially during election years, over economies, social agendas, and the reeling merry-go-round of religious beliefs … I am so proud of these two girls who grew up in fundamentalist American Christianity and are surviving, even thriving towards big dreams and plans for the greater Good of humanity.

I see GOD in our girls. I see LOVE in their marriage. I see JESUS in the works of their daily lives.  I feel the Holy Spirit when I’m around their friends, now … part of our FAMILY.

LOVE is love. GOD is good. GOOD will prevail.  Yes, Jesus loves US … not just because the Bible tells us so.   God is LOVE.  And love never fails.

Ya’ll … it’s ALL about LOVE