New Podcast: The ROBBY Show


So, I’m an old ‘radio’ guy, somewhat. I became fascinated with radio in my childhood years as I watched Charles and Margaret Cooper spin our family’s small town gospel vinyl records at their hometown studio in Ocean Springs Mississippi.

Fast forward 30 years, I jumped on a studio mic in Gulfport Mississippi with Ron Meyers, who hired me part time to host a fun little radio show at the Mobile AL outlet for a Christian talk radio network.

Then, a few years later a couple buddies — Dustin Thomas and John Harry —  invited me to smack talk a few afternoons each week on a local small town community sports and events show as I promoted local church and city events.

Then, in 2020 … well, COVID-19.  And, we all discovered podcasts, webcasts, and blew up our social media accounts for a couple years!

I’m 20 years late to the Podcast party.  I’ve been listening to streaming radio shows turned Podcasts for more than two decades — and I am just now making the time to throw my little hat in the ring.  I’m a talker so I try to tell stories that are meaningful, personal, inspirational, and hopefully life-giving in some small way.

I’d love for you to JOIN me!  There are lofty plans for amazing interviews with interesting people and who knows … I might reach a couple dozen followers one day!  For now, I’m streaming on Spotify and Apple Podcasts — until I figure out how to “code my RSS” to all those other fancy platforms.  Ya’ll pray I don’t blow up my little Macbook in the process.

Give us a listen and let me know if any of my stories are is helpful.  Thanks for all the LOVE and support!