One day, Lamech said to his two wives, “A young man wounded me, and I killed him.

Anyone who tries to get even with me will be punished ten times more than anyone who tries to get even with Cain.”

Adam and his wife had another son.

They named him Seth, because they said, “God has given us a son to take the place of Abel, who was killed by his brother Cain.” – Genesis‬ ‭4‬:‭23‬-‭25‬ ‭CEV‬‬

Every family has their junk. Some families deal with it well and clean up their junk. And some families do not.

CAIN and “his wife” [who is not even dignified with a name in scripture] evidently did not deal with their junk.

And so eventually, as the years go by, their great great great grandson Lamech comes in from a hard days work, decompresses, grabs a cold one, and confesses to his wife that he killed a guy.

Like, “ … no biggie; he wounded me, so I killed him.”

» FFWD to 2023 A.D. »

Wounded [ticked off, impulsive] guys are still killing people. And, so are wounded women.

Whether we are physically taking lives with weapons of war and putting bodies to death; or, emotionally murdering souls with venomous words — we are still killing one another.

War is hell. Hell is wicked and evil. And hell is reserved for demons and their father the snake, the dragon, the venomous prince of rebellion, the weak narcissistic Angel of the darkness.

“The devil said, “I will give all this power and glory to you. It has been given to me, and I can give it to anyone I want to. Just worship me, and you can have it all.” – Luke‬ ‭4‬:‭6‬-‭7‬ ‭CEV‬‬

We are living in the age prophesied by scripture when wars and rumors of wars rule the media headlines. We can either perpetuate the war. Or we can choose the Better Way.

The Way of LOVE is the gospel of peace.

Christ stood down the prince of war and chose Peace. After all – He is Prince of Peace.

And kings decree laws of their kingdoms.

“For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and of death.” – Romans‬ ‭8‬:‭2‬ ‭NRSV‬‬

King Jesus rules all creation. He redeemed all humanity. We no longer are left to our hopeless and helpless instinct to war with one another.

As He chose Peace, we can also choose peace. By the Spirit we are empowered to choose Peace and not war.


The key to making the choice?


LOVE. It’s all about Love.

Love chose peace over war. Love chose sacrifice over Self. Love chose the way of the cross over the way of revenge. Love chose to supernaturally light up the darkness.

Love chose Us. Love chose the Better Way. Love chose to Win.

Study war no more. Love wins.



So … I Have Adult ADHD

By definition, adult ADHD is a mental health disorder that includes a combination of persistent problems, such as difficulty paying attention, hyperactivity and impulsive behavior.  I have no idea how I ‘got’ it.  I don’t know when it started.  I rarely know when it will manifest.  But, I deal with it, daily.

My wife, adult kids, and my Mom, have been urging me to be evaluated for ADHD — almost humorously — for more than 20 years, but I simply shrugged it off as a silly idea. So, recently I began to experience unforeseen sudden panic attacks, along with the familiar bouts of depression, which I have experienced often for more than 20 years or so.  The panic disorder is a bit different for me, because I’ve never considered myself as being prone to panic, since I was raised in a very puritanical work-ethic git-r-done country boy culture.  We just don’t panic. We rise up. We fight. We press on. We push through.

So, I have evidently, according to my medical advisors and counselors, ‘pushed through’, one too many times.  And now with the global shutdown of COVID-19 and all the residual fallout we have all dealt with — my ADHD and depression condition has simply magnified itself and accelerated it’s malicious effects on my brain, and on my body.  And, on my soul.

But wait, I am a Christian. I’ve even given my entire adult life to ministry!  I’m one of the good guys. You know, a disciple of Christ. The One. The Savior. Messiah. Healer. Christus Victor.  So, why on earth would someone like ME suffer from a ‘mental health disorder’.  Of all things?

Well, as I’m discovering, Christians suffer depression too.  And, we ‘get’ mental health disorders too.  In fact, according to Rick and Kay Warren’s Hope For Mental Health, people who claim to follow Christ, especially in America today, are suffering mental health disorders at an alarming rate.  I am forever grateful for wonderful leaders like Rick and Kay, who have been unashamed and quite courageous in their mission to help people like me who suffer from such conditions.

To avoid getting too deep in the weeds here, I will simply say, if you need help … ASK FOR HELP!  We all get ‘the blues’ from time to time.  Everyone has a ‘bad day’, sometimes. But, when the bad days, the dark days, the heavy days, become more and more consistent and persistent … STOP and take notice.  Don’t be a hero.  Don’t fall prey to the myth that you can ‘push through’.  You cannot. And you should not!

THANK YOU to everyone who knows the struggle and who has remained near.  I love you, every one.  Thank you to my dear friends who I can be completely vulnerable and honest with, warts and all.  Thank you to my precious wife and our children, who have accepted and loved me, and affirmed me, without exception.

“I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears. Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame. This poor man called, and the Lord heard him; he saved him out of all his troubles.” – Psalm 34:4-6 CSB


The dictionary definition of “anniversary” reads:  the annual recurrence of a date marking a notable event.  April 7 will become a new anniversary on my calendar.

Dad went to be with Jesus on April 7, 2020 amidst a new global pandemic, in a bed at a small long term care home, with precious saints nearby who cared for him lovingly until his final breath on earth.  I was graciously allowed to be with Dad before he crossed the River into his new heavenly Home.  My brothers and Mom joined me on a FaceTime call just hours before he left us.  His personal nurse assured me that he would not be alone when his time came.

April 7 will forever become a notable event on my calendar.  Dad’s birthday is April 22nd and he would have been 81 had he lingered here.  I know he was tired and weary of the struggle here, and frankly, I’m glad he celebrated his 81st with Jesus, his Mom and Dad (Mamaw and Grandaddy), my mom’s parents who he loved dearly (Deb and Margie), and a host of loved ones, friends, and Christian souls who found Jesus on earth because Dad shared the Gospel with them.

Anniversaries can bring much joy and anticipation, especially to couples who have vowed their love to one another for life.   We all long for another year of making memories, enjoying one another, living our adventures together.  And anniversaries can bring sorrow and sadness.  We remember the good times.  We mourn and lament the hard times.   We grieve the loss and loneliness.  But, tomorrow always comes.  And usually, it’s a brighter tomorrow.

Daddy, I love you and I miss you.  I know that you are finally healed, happy, and wholly redeemed at the King’s Table.  I know that the celebration is amazing and you wouldn’t come back here for anything in this world.

We shall join you soon.  It will be that Glad Reunion Day we always sing about.  And, all the old songs will finally be our new reality.   I Will Meet You In The Morning … What A Day That Will Be … I Know A Man Who Can … I Bowed On My Knees and Cried Holy … and O, What A Savior!

Happy Anniversary, Dad.

Revival On The River

So, I met this kid.  Ethan Oltremari from Greenwood, Mississippi. More specifically, we started communicating by email as I began to observe how God was using his music ministry in the Mississippi Delta to unite churches of diverse races and cultures. Did I mention … in the Mississippi Delta?  Unite … churches … of diverse races … in the Mississippi Delta.

So, as Ethan and I upgraded our communications to actual “live” phone calls — it was immediately evident that this ‘kid’ has an anointing on his life and his music.  Ethan is a Methodist college student attending Delta State University, leading worship for United Methodist churches and other worship gatherings in his region … and leading a revival movement that has spread across the Yazoo River delta … and, now to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Ethan and his folks have called it Revival On The River Greenwood.  You’ve GOT to see this!  If you can go … you must!

In December 2018, Ethan and I prayed.  He met with his board members in Greenwood, Mississippi and prayed.  I prayed with my pastors and a few local friends who love worship and prayer gatherings. We set a date. In a few weeks, we are going to gather at the Point Park Ampitheatre in Pascagoula — my hometown.  April 27, 2019 — mark your calendar.  COME if you can!

We are praying from Greenwood to Pascagoula … that God will do here what He is doing in the Mississippi Delta.  It’s spreading to Jackson, Mississippi … and it’s already spread to Tupelo, Mississippi … and to Gulfport, Mississippi … it’s covering our Magnolia State like a contagious positive cancer!

UNITY is spreading across Mississippi.  LOVE for the ‘other’ is spreading across Mississippi.  COMPASSION for the hopeless is spreading across Mississippi.  RECONCILIATION is spreading across Mississippi.  WORSHIP and PRAYER is spreading across Mississippi.  It’s time Mississippi.  Revival is HERE!

Give Now

We get this question frequently, “What can I do to help your ministry?”

Of course, pray.  Prayer is the key to any life worth living; and certainly a key component to any effective ministry.  Prayer touches the heart of God and engages us in the lives of others.  We are most grateful for prayer support from everyone who has shown love and support to this ministry.

Also, you can give.  Give an offering, a donation, a contribution.  Whatever word you choose to use.  In the context of church and ministry, giving to RMM looks like an ‘offering’ — separate from, and in addition to a ‘tithe’ to your local church, or to the local ministry that ‘feeds’ your family spiritually.  Tithe to your church.  Give to ministries like RMM.

If you are not a church attender, this might look like a ‘donation’, or a charitable gift.  Many people enjoy donating to a favorite charity or cause.  Our work in ministry, business, and community events at RMM is simple, yet labor intensive and people-focused:

  • Music education and training for aspiring musicians and worship leaders
  • Small Church Workshops which build up effective Worship Leading Ministry for churches of less than 200 members
  • Evangelism and Outreach ministry to unchurched people
  • Lifting Up marginalized and hurting people

If you are a business leader or community action leader, we would welcome the opportunity to partner with you and share our ‘big picture’ Vision and Mission.  We consider ourselves music missionaries, so all our resources are provided by people who believe in the Mission. Only God knows the plans He has for us, but he orders our steps and designs that Plan with people in mind. Let’s put our minds together and see what God chooses to do when we come together!

THANK YOU for all that you do to support ministries and causes like Robby Myrick Music and Robby Myrick Ministries.  Go to our website and click GIVE NOW if you feel led.  We are grateful and we pray God’s best blessings for you!

Robby & Sheryl Myrick
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