New Year

So, I have not posted here for a minute.  It’s been quite a year!

2022 brought us new jobs, new friends, new connections, and a new GRAND BABY!

This Christmas was quite different.  Our little family traveled back-n-forth from Birmingham (AL) to Nashville (TN) to celebrate our first-born baby girl’s graduation from Belmont University College of Health Sciences and Nursing. Yay, Blaire!

And then, to our somewhat surprise, our first grand-baby girl made her early appearance just two days later.  What a Merry Christmas gift!!  Welcome to earth, Rosemary Jane!  And, thank you Vanderbilt Hospital and NICU staff for your amazing emergency care for our newborn baby girl.  Ya’ll are rockstars!

The last two weeks have felt like a blur. And yet, with every new day, there has been a sense of calm and peace. Almost, relief. It’s like, we have been anticipating these two major events for the past year, and they have finally come, and we are exhausted, overjoyed, and relieved, all at the same time.

Graduation from college for Blaire has been a lifelong goal.

Our baby girl was born with a strong will and determination to get-it-done. I have never known her to back down from a challenge. Her childhood was filled with lots of love, beautiful memories with family and friends, and the unrelenting support of her parents and grandparents to accomplish anything she set her mind to achieve. And, she has endured her fair share of trauma, challenges, and setbacks.  Yet, she determined in her mind that she would GET THAT NURSING DEGREE.

She gets that strong determination from her Mom and maternal grandfather “Papa Gene”.  And, her incredible musical talents from her Dad and paternal grandmother “Granny Rose”.  She is a winner, in every possible way.  We love you, Blairest!

Marriage and family have been lifelong dreams and goals for me and Sheryl.  We have accomplished 38 years together as husband and wife. We are so grateful for the love, the joys, even the tragedies we have endured; all of which have made us stronger individuals, and even stronger in our marriage.  But, not without hard work and dedication.  Marriage and family are among the most difficult tasks any person will ever face.  It’s the most challenging feat in life, in my humble opinion.

For us … 2022 also ushered in a new grandchild!  And, for my Mom, her first great-grandchild!!

Our second born, Christian, married his college sweetheart Breanna. Through a myriad of jobs, continuing education, and several relocations over the past seven years together, they are now home near us in Birmingham, and celebrating the birth of their firstborn, a precious little girl named Rosemary Jane.  We are all giddy and mushy over her!

Cameron, our third born and second son, is moving onward towards his dreams and goals as a digital media producer.  He has worked diligently in retail sales, merchandising, and inventory management, and continues to hone his skills in computer programming, digital media concepts, and all things technical.  He is a genius with smart devices and is our resident “geek squad guy”, when his old-man Dad can’t remember which button to push on my iPhone. Yes, it happens.

Cameron loves people, is a relentless Advocate for others, and his knowledge of the Marvel Universe is fascinating.  We love our amazing Cam-Cam!

So, 2022 is almost a wrap!  Our prayer for 2023 is simple:  Love God and Love People.  I hope your life this coming year is filled with much Joy, Peace, and Love. Let’s all do our part and make this world a better place.