Music Missions: The Story of Parkway

Parkway Baptist Church in Pascagoula, Mississippi is a Story that is ever-unfolding in the hearts of local Jackson County Mississippi Baptists.

Most recently, our dear friend and co-laborer in ministry, Pastor Martin Britt, served this church faithfully while fighting his own personal battle with terminal cancer.  Martin had previously worked in Christian Counseling and touched thousands of lives during that career.  He was an impeccable Bible teacher, especially on the themes of Heaven, the Second Coming of Christ, and the Kingdom of God.

Martin left us for Heaven on September 6th and left an indelible legacy at Parkway and across the Mississippi Coast.  We are forever grateful for his ministry.

As I worked alongside Martin this summer, it became painfully obvious to us both that Parkway was in dire need of a music minister, as they had been struggling to fill that position for the past few years.  Sunday morning services had become sparsely filled with soloists, worship videos, and sometimes special music guests; but, as all who love to gather in worship realize, it’s just not the same as ‘live’ worship with a worship leader and a musically gifted team to lead you every week.

In July, I offered to fill that gap as a solo worship leader, singing from the piano, leading a few worship songs and hymns for the few dozen Sunday morning worshipers. The moments were sweet and somewhat somber as we all knew Martin’s days with us were soon coming to a close here on earth.  The worship team at Church on the Rock Pascagoula would soon join me on Sunday mornings — quickly working through our 9:15am sound check, loading up our cars to trek up the road to Parkway (( less than a 5-minute drive )), lead a 3-or-4 song set of songs for Parkway, then scoot back to COTR for our 11am start time.

We have continued to follow that Sunday Morning pattern since Martin’s homegoing to Heaven and our lives have been supremely blessed and changed for it.  We love the folks at Parkway, and they are loving us in return by singing, increasing in attendance and participation, and affirming us weekly with their appreciation.

I first heard the term “music missions” during the Brownsville Revival, when my mentor and friend Lindell Cooley, founded his worship ministry label as such.  Martin and I both loved Lindell’s music and we are both avid students of revival in the Church.  We discussed ‘kingdom’ principles all the time, and how that the various congregations in our cities must somehow find the way to work together, as is the model of the Kingdom of God, to bring about unity, revival, and missions for the salvation of lost souls, hurting souls, and broken people.

We believe that “music missions” is coming to fruition through our music ministry efforts at Parkway and across our Mississippi Coast.

Parkway Baptist Church is in a season of grief, but not without Hope!  Parkway is a beautifully diverse congregation of people from very different socio-economic backgrounds who have loved one another through the death of their beloved pastor, through the trials of a changing congregational dynamic, and who are now walking through the “refreshing” of a new and wonderful Hope that God will revive them for His glory, and for the increase of His Kingdom.

I would ask these immediate prayer requests;

  1. PRAY for Parkway Baptist Church … as they love one another, as they re-evaluate their opportunities for ministry, and as they seek pastoral leadership in the days ahead.
  2. GIVE if you are able … to our Music Missions efforts as we serve Parkway, Church on the Rock, and other local small town churches who are diligently searching for worship leaders and worship pastors.
  3. ATTEND a Sunday worship service with us if you are near the Gulf Coast!  The folks at Parkway and Church on the Rock are a beautifully diverse “family” of sister churches, loving one another, serving one another, and unifying our community.

Click here to GIVE NOW … simply memo your gift:  “Parkway Missions”.



College at 55 … and 1/2

Six months ago, I blogged that I was venturing [back] into the journey of college — at age 55. Here’s what’s up today.

So, college is a privilege to begin with. Not everyone who wishes to attend college or university is afforded that luxury. Even, in America. With that said, I am extremely grateful that I am even afforded the option of returning to college having given it my ‘shot’ at 18 years of age the first go ’round.

My friend Luke Gambill, as I have mentioned before, is an extremely talented and gifted musician. Much smarter than me. And, an excellent educator. We reconnected a few years back and began keeping up with one another’s careers and ministries. Long story short — Luke compelled me to consider completing my college education as he was transitioning towards completion of his doctoral studies. I took him up on the offer.

Dr. Wes Dykes began to guide me towards admissions and the rigors of course selections, I got started, and … six months later … I have completed two trimesters of study as a #CareyMusic student in the Winters School of Music and Ministry Studies.

I really did not think I could pull this off. I’ve enjoyed the journey, but it’s been a challenge. It’s thrilling, no doubt! But, a challenge.

My sweet wife Sheryl has become my greatest cheerleader, all over again. She has always stood by me, through the horrors of our darkest days of pain and loss, through the craziness of raising three amazing kids [now adults], and through the joys of mountaintops and accomplishments in life and ministry together. But — this is a new adventure, for the both of us. We literally feel like teenagers again!

So, I dive in to my next trimester at #Carey next week.

As I observe these ‘kids’ around me at #Carey who are fast becoming the Worship Leaders and Worship Pastors of today’s church — I must tell you — I am amazed! These kids “get” it.

They are wise beyond their years. They are consumed with Jesus. They love pleasing the audience of One. They love the local church. They love tradition. They love creativity. They love excellence. They love diversity. They love others. They love themselves. They work hard. They produce amazing results.

I highly recommend you follow our websites and social media sites as the music departments and ministries at #Carey are growing and developing. I am honored to be part of this movement of Music Education, Worship, and Church Growth in south Mississippi!

Hang on … the best is yet to come! #OneGoalOnePassion #CareyMusic

Dixie Echoes In Concert – August 18, 2018

SATURDAY NIGHT GOSPEL SINGING … featuring The Dixie Echoes of Pensacola, FL, with Special Guests The Sims Family Singers of Moss Point, MS.

RMM Productions Summer 2018 Concert series wraps up with an evening of soulful Traditional and Southern Gospel music to benefit ROCK Outreach Foundation.

ROCK Outreach provides resources to local charities and missions organizations who feed and clothe homeless families, provide education and wellness programs, and empower displaced families across the Gulf Coast. A special offering will be received for ROCK Outreach Foundation during the concert.


ADVANCE PURCHASE TICKETS will be honored as Reserved Seating until 6:00PM
– FIRST 5 ROWS RESERVED UNTIL 6:00PM (( 150 seats ))


New Seasons


Seasons change.  Customs change.  Inspired ideas create new tools and resources, which create new habits and practices.  As humans, we say all the time, “I don’t like change”, yet we adapt ever so quickly.

At Robby Myrick Music and RMM Productions, we are moving through another season of change.  God has graciously allowed us to lead music and worship ministries in churches across the Gulf Coast these past 30 years.  The memories are priceless. The treasures in Heaven are going to amaze us, I’m sure!  The hundreds and thousands of souls who have found peace, new life, salvation, and healing have been a joy to experience.

We have no intention of quitting that line of work, of course. The Bible is clear when it reminds us that “the callings of God” are without error.  So, we know that our calling is that of leading the Church in worship of the Father.  However, the work of musicians and artists within the context of both the Church and the local community has always been a complex relationship; yet — so, simply beautiful.  Depending on your theology, and personal perspective on worship.

The Spirit of God has been urging us for quite some time to slow down, listen more, and return to our first love for The Arts.

For me that means a return to the creative process of making music with various instruments which will surely involve returning to the recording studio.  I also possess a deep yearning to write songs.  Songs for the church, of course; but, also personal songs that reflect life, love, pain, joy, and all the emotions that go into our brief journey in these earth suits.

For Sheryl that looks like canvas painting, pencil and crayon sketches, as well as her endless creative spirit for interior design in our home.  She longs for me to get out in the yard with her and landscape.  She also wants a small garden.  So, we will be getting our hands dirty!

Together, we have both desired to write books.  I am learning more about the self-publishing process while she is trying to keep us both disciplined in our quiet times, solitude, journaling, and practice writing.  We have our work cut out for us for sure!

As we continue to build upon our business pursuits, ministry opportunities, and personal artistic ventures, it seems that God is teaching us a very consistent lesson:  Listen more.

That inherently would include:  Talk less.  Like … don’t talk.  Be still. Be quiet.  If you know me, that’s an extremely difficult proposition.  My wife says about me, “Robby has words.  Lots of ’em”.  Poking fun at me, of course. But, not really!

I find that when I listen more intentionally, I hear stuff that normally slips right past my senses.  The wind. The birds. The hum of engines and machines.  The chatter of others.  Conversations.  Music.  The sounds of creation.  It’s beautiful. And, it is reviving me personally.

This season, I’m listening more.  We are listening more.  We are journaling and writing.  We are asking for wisdom and guidance. So that when it’s time to speak or sing or create … maybe our words, songs, and creations will be more effective and filled with the things of God.

That is all.  For now.