I Sing … Because

I sing.

I sing because.

I sing when I’m happy. I sing when I’m sad. I sing when I’m glad. I sing when I’m tinkering around the house, driving the car, walking, resting. I sing.


Songs and music have been inside me from the time I was in my mother’s womb. She grew up singing, playing piano, performing in churches, schools, local community centers, and ultimately taught me and my brothers everything she knew about music.

Singing with my family became tradition, then it became a business opportunity, and it’s always been some form of ministry to us individually, as a family, and as ministers of Song to those who cared to listen and follow along with our little family band.

The word sing (verb) comes from the old English word singan “to chant, sing, especially in joy or merriment; to celebrate, or tell in song”  (source:  Etymonline)

In Scripture, depending on which version of the Bible you may choose, the term “sing” appears more than 200 times, and most often in the Psalms, or songs, that were written by King David and his thousands of skilled singers and musicians.

The songs I learned from childhood are songs of the Church; specifically, the Bible Belt American church. Songs sung and written by Baptists, Methodists, Pentecostals. Every now and then, I would attempt a classical tune learned in high school and college choir, but that was and is rare.  I grew up in the country, on farms, with flat top guitars, fiddles, upright clangy pianos, and foot-pump organs. Our music was that of 1940s-60s Grand Ole Opry, Heavenly Highway Hymns, and The Baptist Hymnal.

As I near age 60 this year, I am fascinated and blessed to try to recall and reminisce over the thousands of songs I have sung, heard, led with congregations, performed for audiences large and small.  Thousands!  Songs are integral to my very being.

So, I sing.

I sing because I have songs in me that need to be heard.
I sing because I have need of the melodies, harmonies, and lyrics.
I sing because my soul needs refreshing and healing.
I sing because my grand baby girl smiles and coos at the sound of my songs.
I sing because of my family heritage.
I sing because the Holy Spirit urges me to.
I sing because the Sun shines brighter when I sing.
I sing because the storms seem less horrifying when I sing.
I sing because I have a Song.
I sing because I have a Story.
I sing because I need to tell my Story.

I sing … because.