peace_redDuring my quiet time this week, the Holy Spirit urged me to think about Peace.
The Bible has much to say about peace.  Humanity longs for it.  Yet, peace seems so out of reach, so unattainable, such a futile effort, given the fallen and depraved nature of our world.
So, how do we actually experience peace?  Peace of mind.  Peaceful moments.  Peaceful existence with those who are at enmity with us.
The Gospel of John is one of my favorite passages of Scripture.  John, the Beloved disciple, is one of my favorite personalities in the Bible.  He gives us very creative insights into the character of Jesus as He walked this earth and modeled the character of The Father.
In chapter 14, Jesus is having a dinner with his Twelve.  He has discussed his impending and final days on earth.  He is laying out for them a Vision of what’s coming.  Only a few of them actually ‘get it’.  They all are quizzing Jesus to somehow wrap their minds around the crazy mess they’ve found themselves in since Jesus began healing people from terminal illnesses, touching the unclean people, and basically breaking all the rules of order as set forth by the government religion.
To quell their fears and uncertainties, Jesus begins to describe the Comforter who would come and teach them, and to help them to remember His teachings and practices.
Verse 27 reads, ” … Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.” – ESV
The days that would follow that conversation would be filled with much chaos, much danger for those who had confessed that Jesus was in fact, The Messiah that they had longed for.  Jesus would be falsely charged, arrested, beaten, jailed, and ultimately — publicly crucified with two other criminals.  A most humiliating and intimidating execution.
Yet, He is speaking of “peace” … that He will give to them.  Peace that this world system cannot provide and will not freely give.  Peace of mind.  Calm of heart.  Stillness of soul.  How in the world can Jesus possibly speak of peace when all hell is about to break loose with his small band of radical believers?
How can you and I speak of Peace … when all hell is unleashed on us in our little world of life situations, fears, disappointments, failures, and … stuff?
One of my favorite Gospel songs was authored by award winning songwriter Geron Davis.  Peace Speaker has become one of those default tunes that I go to in times of fear, doubt, dismay, grief, struggle, and … well, what feels like a hopeless situation.
I’m a singer … so, I typically try to muster up the courage to ‘sing to myself’, or encourage myself, as David did in the Psalms when he was discouraged.  If you are not a singer, you can click your smart device app, and instantly pull up any song like this one that will encourage you in your time of despair.
Whatever you may be facing this holiday season … I know the Peace Speaker.  I know Him by Name.  You can too.  He’s only a breath of a prayer away.