The dictionary definition of “anniversary” reads:  the annual recurrence of a date marking a notable event.  April 7 will become a new anniversary on my calendar.

Dad went to be with Jesus on April 7, 2020 amidst a new global pandemic, in a bed at a small long term care home, with precious saints nearby who cared for him lovingly until his final breath on earth.  I was graciously allowed to be with Dad before he crossed the River into his new heavenly Home.  My brothers and Mom joined me on a FaceTime call just hours before he left us.  His personal nurse assured me that he would not be alone when his time came.

April 7 will forever become a notable event on my calendar.  Dad’s birthday is April 22nd and he would have been 81 had he lingered here.  I know he was tired and weary of the struggle here, and frankly, I’m glad he celebrated his 81st with Jesus, his Mom and Dad (Mamaw and Grandaddy), my mom’s parents who he loved dearly (Deb and Margie), and a host of loved ones, friends, and Christian souls who found Jesus on earth because Dad shared the Gospel with them.

Anniversaries can bring much joy and anticipation, especially to couples who have vowed their love to one another for life.   We all long for another year of making memories, enjoying one another, living our adventures together.  And anniversaries can bring sorrow and sadness.  We remember the good times.  We mourn and lament the hard times.   We grieve the loss and loneliness.  But, tomorrow always comes.  And usually, it’s a brighter tomorrow.

Daddy, I love you and I miss you.  I know that you are finally healed, happy, and wholly redeemed at the King’s Table.  I know that the celebration is amazing and you wouldn’t come back here for anything in this world.

We shall join you soon.  It will be that Glad Reunion Day we always sing about.  And, all the old songs will finally be our new reality.   I Will Meet You In The Morning … What A Day That Will Be … I Know A Man Who Can … I Bowed On My Knees and Cried Holy … and O, What A Savior!

Happy Anniversary, Dad.