Give Now

We get this question frequently, “What can I do to help your ministry?”

Of course, pray.  Prayer is the key to any life worth living; and certainly a key component to any effective ministry.  Prayer touches the heart of God and engages us in the lives of others.  We are most grateful for prayer support from everyone who has shown love and support to this ministry.

Also, you can give.  Give an offering, a donation, a contribution.  Whatever word you choose to use.  In the context of church and ministry, giving to RMM looks like an ‘offering’ — separate from, and in addition to a ‘tithe’ to your local church, or to the local ministry that ‘feeds’ your family spiritually.  Tithe to your church.  Give to ministries like RMM.

If you are not a church attender, this might look like a ‘donation’, or a charitable gift.  Many people enjoy donating to a favorite charity or cause.  Our work in ministry, business, and community events at RMM is simple, yet labor intensive and people-focused:

  • Music education and training for aspiring musicians and worship leaders
  • Small Church Workshops which build up effective Worship Leading Ministry for churches of less than 200 members
  • Evangelism and Outreach ministry to unchurched people
  • Lifting Up marginalized and hurting people

If you are a business leader or community action leader, we would welcome the opportunity to partner with you and share our ‘big picture’ Vision and Mission.  We consider ourselves music missionaries, so all our resources are provided by people who believe in the Mission. Only God knows the plans He has for us, but he orders our steps and designs that Plan with people in mind. Let’s put our minds together and see what God chooses to do when we come together!

THANK YOU for all that you do to support ministries and causes like Robby Myrick Music and Robby Myrick Ministries.  Go to our website and click GIVE NOW if you feel led.  We are grateful and we pray God’s best blessings for you!

Robby & Sheryl Myrick
RMM Productions / Robby Myrick Ministries