Dedicated or set apart for the service or worship of a deity; devoted exclusively to one service or use; worthy of religious veneration; entitled to reverence or respect; of or relating to religion;  not secular or profane; archaic;  highly valued and important. – Merriam Webster Dictionary
A quick reference to words and their definitions gives us some sort of level, or compass, or guidance.  The word sacred would obvously represent a variety of different meanings and values to different people groups.
In America, for almost 250 years now, we have collectively held certain words, symbols, landmarks, and beliefs as sacred.  Prior to that, we were still in the process of becoming “We the People”.   We are an adolescent nation at best, in historical context and comparison, and we are still learning how to behave as a People.  As one nation.  Under God.  Indivisible.  We are a work in progress.  We are ever learning … all things sacred.
In 1492, as Columbus sailed the ocean blue … ancient kings and queens, and their armies, were still grappling over how they would conquer this land we now know as America.  In the minds of those conquerors, many held their mission as sacred.
Today, in retrospect, some would challenge that ideology.  Some would vehemently disagree with the mission of these idealistic world conquerors.  Some are considered heroes.  Some are considered tyrants and criminals.  Depends on your perspective of all things sacred.
I am a bit of a history buff, so the Story of this land and our People is of much intrigue and interest to me.  Especially, as I grow into middle aged adulthood.  I do not claim to be an expert in political science, sociology, or the matters of world dominion.  I do however, know what Scripture reveals.  I find sacred peace and comfort in the words of the holy books.
As a Southern born and bred Mississippian, my family and our lineage would deem certain beliefs and customs as sacred.  Your family, from your origin of birth and upbringing, would probably do the same.  That is our human nature.  It’s basic psychology.  And it’s actually how God has ‘hard-wired’ us as people groups, or communities, or villages.
In many passages of holy scripture, God calls the people who have chosen Him, ” … My people, who are called by My Name …”.  I know, I know … there are several doctrinal and theological directions we could take when quoting scripture; but, for the sake of this brief commentary, let’s just call ourselves “His people”, if we have placed our faith and trust in Him and His Name.  He created us, and we are His.  We belong to the One who is all things sacred.  He has chosen us.  And He longs for us to reciprocate with freewill and to choose Him.  I believe that God the Father considers our very existence sacred.
So, as His people, who are called by His Name … or, as we have been tagged “Christians” … my heartcry is that we might return to the concept of all things sacred.
I hope and pray in the deepest places within my heart that we might once again consider those things around us as sacred.  Our lineage.  Our spouse.  Our children.  Our neighbors.  Our village.  Our town.  Our city.  Our state and region.  Our nation.  Our world.
Yes, evil exists.  Yes, people choose to embrace evil.  Yes, the evil one is always lurking among us.  Scripture reminds us that he is considered “the prince of the power of the air” … in every earthly sense.  We witness evil and wicked behaviors every day.  But evil does not win.
Scripture assures us, there is a Winner.  A Savior.  A Redeemer.  The Messiah.  The King.  Our LORD.  He IS all things sacred.
HE has empowered us, by His Spirit, to become the light of the world … a city set on a hill. We can become ambassadors of His Kingdom.  We are called to be carriers of His Gospel.  He desires of us that we choose to become champions for His Cause.
We should desire to be doers of goodwill … lovers of others … keepers of our brothers and sisters across all barriers, races, creeds, and cultures.
O God, help us to pursue You, and to once again return to … all things sacred.