Chain Breaker

So … I’m a musician.  More specifically, I’m a Southern-bred musician from Small Town USA in South Mississippi.  Country.  Bluegrass.  Gospel.  Blues.  That’s all my jam.
I just discovered Zach Williams and The Reformation, a Memphis area band who make some really sweet rock-and-soul music.  His 2016 hit Chain Breaker is topping the Christian music charts and I recently performed the song with the Homes of Grace at their annual Homecoming celebration service.
The song is a simple catchy tune hooked to a very singable lyric.  I’ve been singing the tune in my daily routines ALL week.  I love it!  However, I am more intrigued by the story behind the song and the singer.  I’ve not yet met Zach Williams, but I have a gut feeling I very well may cross his path sometime soon.
Zach is a gifted musician who is overcoming the ugly sin of addiction.  Those of us who have admitted to our hangups, hurts, and bad habits will relate.  Addictions of every type have become epidemic in our world.  But, there IS hope.  And, of course, there is Healing.
One of King David’s musicians stated this, “He led them from the darkness and deepest gloom; he snapped their chains” – Psalm 107:16 NLT
If you’ve never felt chained to a hopeless situation which produced darkness and deepest gloom, you may not be able to relate to that scripture.  However, many of us can.  The darkness and gloom of addiction and depression can cause the best of us to believe that all Hope is gone.  But … GOD!
I hope for you today that you will discover Hope and Peace which only comes from a love relationship with God.  Jesus, our prison-shaking Savior, has provided the ultimate Healing through salvation.  And, he promises an abundant life for those who will walk in His Way, lean on His Word, and be filled with His Spirit.
I pray for you today … meet The Chain Breaker.