If Two Agree

“I also tell you this:  If two of DISC[2]_600pxyou agree here on earth concerning anything you ask, my Father in Heaven will do it for you.” – Matthew 18:19 NLT

Amen. I agree. That’s right. Go ahead. I’m IN. Let’s do this.
Agreement:   a) harmony of opinion, action, or character;  b) the act or fact of agreeing  (ref. Merriam-Webster)
Disclaimer:  I am writing this particular blog with the prerequisite understanding that most people in my immediate circle of friends, family, neighbors, and community function at a base level of human dignity, honor, and respect for one another.  Just for context.
I am a highly opinionated person.  I display strong emotions about certain topics, beliefs, and personal convictions.  You probably do too.  My DISC Personality Profile typically computes me as an “I/D” – Influencer/Dominance – type of person.  I highly recommend the DISC Assessment.  You will learn much about yourself and others, and your communication skills will increase dramatically as you choose to ‘deal with’ the weaknesses in your own personality.  You will also learn to embrace differences in others.  If you choose.
You’ve probably heard the smirkish comment, “Opinions are like bellybuttons, everybody’s got one”.   And, it’s true.  I often feel strongly about certain things in my life, just as you do.  So, how do we find a way to agree, and therefore, hopefully get along as we go along?
Based on my DISC Profile, I am discovering about myself that the more I choose to LISTEN, the better my chances of getting along with people.  Listening more, enhances my marriage, affects my parenting, deepens my personal faith, and typically increases my influence with people.  The choice to listen more than speak seems to always make the conversation more pleasant, more significant, and more memorable.
As you might imagine, with my HIGH I/D personality, this requires of me an incredibly intense daily self-discipline.  It is very difficult for me to simply … listen.  I have words!  My wife pokes fun at me when she quotes the pop-pychology motto that suggests, ” … if women have 40-50,000 words a day, and men have 10-15,000 words a day … Robby usually takes all my words!”   Guilty as charged.  LOL!
So, how about you? How does your personality cause you to generally get along with people?  Or, not?  Do most people consider you an easy-going person?  Are you fairly easy to get along with?  Or are you ‘that guy’ or  ‘that girl’ that no one wants to chat with?  In fact, you notice that people quickly smile and detour when they see you coming?  They might even ‘Un-Friend’ you on social media!  GOD forbid!!   (( HA ))
Here’s a tip:  I am doing my level best to simply listen … more.  It’s tough!  But with much grace and self-discipline (and, good therapy … and, meds!! HA) …  I think I can … I think I can … I think I can.
In my church ministry we call it doing life together.  This doesn’t mean we will universally agree on every single topic, idea, and/or methodology.  Our hopes and dreams might even look very different!  But we find a common ground with Biblical spiritual foundational faith concepts, beliefs, morals, and life-giving communication.  We find a way to get along as we go along.
In our careers and jobs, agreement is necessary for productivity.  We can disagree from time to time.  But eventually, the organization must have unifying leaders who can rally the producers, the creatives, the taskers, and the consumers.
God loves agreement, according to Jesus’ words in Matthew 18. God created each one of us.  He knows our differences. He uniquely designed each of us for individual God-sized purposes.  I believe that the tapestry of our differences, woven together with agreement, becomes a powerful force for Good in the earth.  This power of agreement can change lives.  Even, save lives!
One of my favorite Amy Grant songs from the 1980s says, ” … Love will find a way …”.  I agree. Let’s agree … and disagree … and find a way.
Let’s Love … and let Love help us … find a way.
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